How to Survive Preexisting Menstruation with This Fun and Easy Formula

Sometimes, your period just isn’t what you’d call fun. It can be a trying time in more ways than one — especially if you’re one of the 21% of women who experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS). If you suffer from PMS, you know what we all do — avoidance is the only way to go. But that doesn’t mean creating havoc in the kitchen or rearranging your office isn’t a valid option! Try these tips for surviving premenstrual syndrome with this fun and easy formula: It’s all about balance.

When your period starts, your body prepares itself for life with an overabundance of estrogen. This causes bloating, digestive problems and mood swings. However, because ovarian hormones decrease during menstruation, most women also experience less energy and they have more PMS symptoms than usual.

Take a break

Although we know that the more you push yourself, the more you’re likely to experience symptoms, sometimes a break is the best way to deal with it all. Take a short relaxing break every couple of hours and enjoy a cup of tea, water or coffee. Get in touch with your body and get it back into balance.


Although it’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t have the energy to exercise during your period, the truth is that you’re just not used to it. Your body is spent from all the bleeding and you may find that you’re unresponsive and/or tired when you ‘work out. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine when you start to feel peak symptoms. Try yoga, pilates or walking.

Plan your meals

Although you may be tempted to forgo meals for the day because you think you’re not hungry, you’re actually shipping yourself into further trouble. Not only are you increasing the chances of feeling hungry and/or unhappy because you’re overloading your system with so much food, but you may also have a hard time digesting certain foods while on your period. These may include bread, cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, soups and stews. If you’re not used to digesting certain foods, you may end up with gas, stomach spasms or cramps.

Eat right and exercise often

Although it’s easy to think that you can time your exercise sessions to your period, doing so is actually counterproductive. Because your body is working so hard to get rid of the excess flow of blood, it’s less able to process nutrients. Therefore, you’re putting yourself at greater risk for: constipation, increased likelihood of developing osteoporosis, anaemia, etc.

Connect with friends and family

It’s easy to feel Pinterest-perfect when you’re on your period, and it’s even easier to feel guilty for spending time with the people you love — and missing out on family time. However, the more you bond with your friends and family during this time, the easier it will be for you to deal with your symptoms and head back to work with a positive attitude.

Simple rules of daily routine, which will keep diabetes and dehydration in control

Take a bath or shower and relax

Although we love to get in the shower, bath or bathtub and relax during our period, doing so while also dealing with our symptoms is counterproductive. The more you stress yourself out, the more you’re likely to experience symptoms. Try to connect with your body on a different level instead. Let go of the anxiety and focus on the here and now — even if it’s just a bath or shower.

Try not to think about it so much

Although you may be tempted to ‘over think’ or ‘over analyze’ your period, doing so only makes the situation worse. It’s easy to say that you need to ‘just think positive’ and ‘be present, but how do you actually do that when you’re having a control period? Try to refocus on your breathing, your heartbeat, the smile on your partner’s face or your two cranky children and you’ll be well on your way to survival.


Now that you know how to survive premenstrual syndrome, you can focus on the positive. You’re going to be happier and healthier than ever before because you know how to tackle these common symptoms.

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